Here at the Haughton Academy Technology Department we are creating pupils who are interested in designing and making innovative products.

"Designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures."
Jeffery Veen

They are taught to research and investigate product related topics to help inspire them to become designers of creative products. They then develop their designs using our state of the art manufacturing facilities, making working prototypes of their designs. Once made, the products are then tested and evaluated to develop their thinking skills to show how products can be improved and modified.

Gone are the days of woodwork, needlework, cooking and metalwork as we now have modern manufacturing technologies such as, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) embroidery and routing, laser cutting, welding, brazing, electronic circuit board manufacture, various wood working machine, sublimation printing, tunnel oven, sign writing equipment, injection moulding, vacuum forming and a dedicated CAD suit of computers.

At KS3, students will study a range of different material types which include, Resistant Materials, Engineering, Textiles, Systems and Control and Cooking.

At KS4 students can opt for a Technology subject that will help them along a chosen career path or just to learn making skills that will help them later in life.

We aim to provide learning opportunities out of school hours with a CAD/CAM club where students are encouraged to get creative with left over materials developing personalised rulers, key rings and only recently tinted spectacles. (See the pictures on twitter @EV_DTdept).

We are always seeking to develop new innovative curriculum recently introducing a programming module where students are investigating microcontroller hardware that can be programmed to respond to various situations. At the heart of this is a microcontroller featuring eight inputs, including provision for analogue and digital sensors and medium-power outputs driven by a dedicated driver chip. All this adds a powerful microcontrolled intelligence to design or electronic projects. Our students have now programmed a motor driven 'robot' to 'moonwalk'.

As a forward thinking Academy we are looking to invest in new technologies to give our students a head start in the emerging 3D printing industry. We hope to skill our students in the art of 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), drawings that can then be printed into a physical object rather than onto a piece of paper. Who knows one day you'll go into your local 3D printing shop and order your next car part. It may even be one of our students serving you.

If you would like to see what our students are getting up to you can follow us on twitter @EV_DT dept where we regularly showcase the brilliant creations that develop.

David Marshall

Technology Subject Leader