Target Setting

Target Setting

At Haughton Academy we set challenging targets for all students. Support is given to ensure that all students achieve or exceed their targets.

Target setting is based upon a student’s performance at Key Stage 2 and the expectation that every student will make at least expected progress during their time at the Academy. All targets relate to what a student should be achieving by the time that they reach the end of Key Stage 4. We issue each student with MEG (Minimum Expected Grade).

The MEG Targets – These are set in accordance with Fischer Family Trust, FFT, and uses a national benchmark of expected progress that any given student should make from their various starting points at the end of KS2.

Data is captured numerous times during the academic year for each student, ‘predicted’ grades for year 7 & 8 and ‘current’ working grades for year 9, 10 & 11. The progress of each student is monitored against this information. This data is then plotted, against individual department ‘flight paths’, which track progress over time towards end of Key Stage 4 targets. Students are encouraged to make use of their student planner to track their own progress; this helps build independence and responsibility for their own achievement and importantly allows parents to acquire knowledge about how their child is performing.

Where it is apparent that a student is not making the required progress, specific tailored interventions will be put in place by subject teachers to enable students to quickly get back on course to achieve their targets. Parents are welcome to ask teachers what these interventions are and to support their implementation.

Parents will receive an interim report for their child following regular data captures so that they can see the progress being made towards targets in all subjects that their child studies.