Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning at Haughton Academy is intended to promote consistency and high standards.

Our pupils are motivated to take an active interest in their studies through encouragement and support from teachers. We help pupils to improve their performance and be willing to learn from areas for development as well as strengths.

Teachers share good practice in ensuring that pupils enjoy lessons and readily respond to the challenge of the tasks set.

Teachers are well-versed in helping pupils to reflect on their learning so that they know their strengths and exactly what to do to make progress. We aim to develop the confidence to raise questions, to try to find answers and to ask for help when needed. Lessons encourage pupils to help each other and work collaboratively as well as independently.

Teaching and learning strategies aim to develop, over time, the ability to work autonomously and to take responsibility for their own learning, increasingly taking initiative. This is particularly important at GCSE and Post 16 level, where coursework is often a major part of the final examination mark/grade.


We think it is important that pupils:

We have high expectations for our learners: they must arrive on time to lessons, appropriately equipped; listen carefully and sensitively to others and focus on the task.

We regularly communicate with parents/carers about the progress of their child. This is done through annual and interim reports as well as parents evening. Subject teachers will share any concerns promptly and directly with parents/carers and our Learning platform ensures that each parent/carer can be fully engaged with their child's learning.