​Pupil Voice /Student Council

​Pupil Voice /Student Council

Pupil Voice /Student Council

At Marchbank we really value the views and opinions of all our young people. Pupil voice is important and we try to make sure it is heard. . We ensure that all students are supported to communicate their needs, wishes and feelings. We have established an effective Student Council to capture the voice of our young people . They meet on a regular basis and are consulted on ways in which to promote positive behaviour and engagement throughout the school day to create a safe school that our students want to attend. 

Student Council Students sometimes see things from a different angle to the staff and their viewpoint can be very helpful, particularly when we are planning changes to the school.One of the methods we use to make sure students views and opinions are heard, listened to and acted upon is by establishing a ‘Student Council’ at the start of each academic year. Marchbank have a very strong and active school council who meet every regularly to discuss any ideas, issues or concerns the students have. Each school class is encouraged to elect a representative to sit on school council and the representatives seek any questions or ideas from their classmates whilst also feeding back on things that have been discussed with their class. 

We selected our student council representatives through a democracy theme day where we voted in classes to decide our student council members.  The whole school also selected a head and deputy head pupil to feedback discussions and ideas to our headteacher.

Meet Our Student Council

Graham. Mason, Huw, Max and Matthew.

What do you want the Council to do?

So far the group have decided that they would like to contribute the following to our school: