Children in Springfield Academy wear red sweatshirts or cardigans with black trousers or skirts. White polo shirts or shirts/blouses are worn whilst summer dresses may be worn when the weather allows. Children should wear black 'school' shoes.

PE Kit: Children should wear a white t-shirt with black shorts and appropriate footwear for the activity. In times of cold weather children may wear a tracksuit and/or sweatshirt for outside PE lessons.

We want our children to look smart at all times so we would ask that the only jewellery worn is a small stud earring or a wrist watch. Equally we would request during term time student hairstyles do not include highly visible coloured highlights or cut in 'patterns' in their hair. Again these do detract from the smart 'ready to learn' feeling our students experience in their uniform.

Our Uniform is supplied by Elizabeth's Embroidery who can be contacted at:

Elizabeth's Embroidery

8 Richardson Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside TS18 3LJ

01642 674973 / 01642 602008


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